4 Essential Medical Assistant Skills

Medical Assistant In File Room

Medical assistants often have a unique set of skills, helping them perform their job successfully each and every day. At Prism Career Institute, we’ll help you hone your skills while providing you with the theoretical knowledge you’ll use day after day in your future job. To pursue a career in medical assisting, you’ll need these four skills.

  1. 1. Organization

Some medical assistants work solely in the reception area, while others work directly with physicians and patients. Nevertheless, almost all medical assistants perform some level of clerical work. For that reason, having good organization skills is a must if you’re looking to become a medical assistant. You may be asked to answer phones, schedule appointments and manage patient files, plus keep your work areas organized.

  1. 2. Customer Service

Patients are like customers; they choose their healthcare practitioners based on the quality of care. Therefore, it’s crucial for medical assistants to treat patients with the utmost care and respect. As a medical assistant, you’ll have to resolve issues as they arise and provide solutions that work for both the patient and the practice.

  1. 3. Communication

In addition to good customer service skills, medical assistants need to be able to listen and talk to patients effectively in order to provide an exceptional level of care. They’re also responsible for taking medical histories, explaining treatment procedures and instructing patients about medications and special diets.

  1. 4. Multitasking

Because they act as intermediaries between patients, physicians, insurance providers and other professionals, it’s no surprise that medical assistants must be excellent multitaskers. To succeed in a medical assisting career, you should have no problem performing multiple tasks at the same time and switching between tasks as needed. As you can imagine, developing organizational skills will be a huge asset in becoming a master multitasker as well.

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