General Rules and Protocols of Working in a Lab

Medical Student Practicing Drawing BloodMedical lab education helps prepare students for future careers in the medical field. This simulated laboratory practice, which is often incorporated into medical diploma programs, helps students develop and refine their technical skills that they’ll someday use on the job.

At Prism Career Institute, our campuses include dedicated training labs where students in our Medical Assistant degree program can gain this essential hands-on lab experience. If you’ve yet to set foot in a medical lab – whether as a student or a graduate – here are some general rules, guidelines and protocols you should know and abide by.


When working in a lab, you should always wear the appropriate attire. As a student of Prism Career Institute, it’s imperative that you wear scrub uniforms to class and lab sessions. Medical professionals also wear similar clothing, such as lab coats, masks, goggles and gloves, to promote a sterile environment. Regardless of the lab, you should maintain a neat, professional appearance, practice good grooming habits at all times and wear closed-toe footwear.


To preserve a safe learning and working environment, labs have guidelines that outline the expectations for laboratory conduct. In general, you should refrain from eating, drinking and applying makeup in laboratories. Mobile phones should be tucked away and only used in emergency situations. Additionally, you should wash your hands before and after completing laboratory work, and never use any machine or piece of equipment without prior training.

While working in the lab, it’s important to keep your work area clean at all times. That means keeping floors neat and dry and removing spills as soon as they happen. In any lab environment, it’s also good practice to be kind, courteous and respectful of others – especially your fellow classmates and instructor.

Get the Hands-on Training You Need

Prism Career Institute prides itself on providing skill-based training that helps prepare students to compete for entry-level jobs in the medical industry. If you’re interested in becoming a medical assistant, call an admissions advisor today at 1-888-966-8146. We look forward to helping you propel your career forward.