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What It’s Like to Work as a Podiatrist’s Assistant

Podiatrist’s Assistant

At Prism Career Institute, our Medical Assistant Training program prepares you for future careers in general and specialized medical assisting. One of the specialties medical assistants can pursue upon successful completion is podiatric medical assisting. Below, we delve into what it’s like to work as a podiatric medical assistant.

What Is a Podiatric Medical Assistant?

By definition, a podiatric medical assistant is a medical assistant who’s specialized in the field of podiatry, a branch of medicine dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of foot disorders. On a day-to-day basis, a podiatrist assistant’s work may include administrative, clinical, and depending on the state where they practice, surgical duties.

What Does a Podiatric Medical Assistant Do?

The role of a podiatric medical assistant varies by job, but many of the responsibilities remain the same. In regards to administrative work, podiatrist’s assistants are often in charge of ordering, organizing and storing supplies, restocking exam rooms, setting up instruments and sterilizing equipment. They may also be responsible for greeting patients, scheduling appointments, updating patient files and more.

When it comes to clinical duties, podiatric medical assistants often take patient’s vital signs, obtain the patient’s medical history, perform physical exams and discuss treatment procedures with the patient. Due to the nature of the work, podiatrist’s assistants may also need to take X-rays of patients’ legs, ankles and/or feet, prepare patients for procedures, cast for orthotics, assist with diabetic foot exams and perform other tasks as needed.

Where Does a Podiatric Medical Assistant Work?

Most commonly, podiatric medical assistants work at private or group podiatric offices. However, they can also be found in hospitals, schools of medicine and nursing, municipal health departments and other healthcare facilities.

Set Off On the Medical Assistant Track

Interested in becoming a podiatric medical assistant? Start by building your knowledge base at Prism Career Institute. With our Medical Assistant Training program, you’ll learn the skills that’ll carry you throughout your career as a podiatrist’s assistant. Apply online today.