Benefits of Taking a Medical Assistant Externship

Students In A Medical Externship ProgramMost medical assistants currently working in the field started in the same place – a reputable program. But not every student has the benefit of a medical externship. As an extern, you’ll use classroom learning to assist you in developing real-world skills that will help prepare you for employment after graduation. Here’s a look at all of the benefits students receive during their medical assistant externships at Prism Career Institute.

Experience in a Real Work Environment

Medical assistants can work in a variety of settings, and our medical externship program allows you the chance to experience this firsthand. We offer externship opportunities in medical offices, private clinics, hospitals, labs and more to introduce students to the full potential of this career. Once you’ve been assigned to an externship, you’ll work directly with other medical assistants, nurses and doctors. This allows you to see how seasoned professionals interact with patients, manage the routine duties of the job and respond in critical situations. And after completing your externship, you’ll know exactly what to expect on your first day in your new career.

A Chance to Put Learning into Action

Classroom learning with expert instructors is essential to building all the skills medical assistants need. But as you study and complete assignments, you’ve probably longed for the chance to put those skills to use. An externship allows you to take all you’ve learned and apply it each day to support your colleagues and provide top-quality care for patients. Just a few of the duties you might perform during the program include:

  • Collecting samples for pathological testing
  • Giving injections and vaccines
  • Completing a variety of lab-based tasks
  • Communicating with patients to explain procedures, tests and follow-up instructions
  • Preparing patients for exams
  • Setting up medical equipment
  • Logging vital signs and medical histories
  • And more…

Externs also have the chance to hone their administrative skills. No matter which type of medical assistant role you prefer, a strong foundation of basic administrative duties can help you stand out. Your externship may allow you to gain experience with:

  • Managing inventories
  • Working with staff to determine supply needs and place orders
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Properly managing sensitive patient data
  • Handling insurance and billing claims
  • Using electronic health records systems
  • And more…

A Better Understanding of the Field

Upon the completion of your medical assistant externship program and graduation from Prism Career Institute, you’ll find that you’ve been prepared with the necessary skills to excel in an entry-level position. Just as importantly, you’ll be prepared to make an informed decision about the kind of work you wish to pursue.

You might have entered the program with a passion for pediatrics, or a desire to tackle administrative tasks. Some students only feel more certain about their intended career path after their externship. Others, however, find a new direction they might not have previously imagined. No matter what you take away from your externship, you’ll be ready to start the job search with a clear perspective on your goals and the possibilities within the medical field.

Learn More About Our Medical Externship Programs

If you’re ready to begin an exciting career in healthcare, Prism Career Institute offers the training you need. Our medical assistant programs in Cherry Hill and Egg Harbor Township provide critical skills and hands-on experience to help you find a rewarding job in an ever-growing field. To learn more, contact us today.