Representing Yourself and Your Workplace to Patients as a Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant At Work

Medical assistants have a wide range of clinical and clerical responsibilities, but arguably the most important one is medical patient interaction. As medical assistants typically greet patients upon their arrival, their behavior can make or break a visit, resulting in either lifelong patients or ones that seek medical care elsewhere. Here are just a few ways to ensure you’re conducting yourself in the most professional manner and representing your prospective employer in the best possible light.

Make a Strong First Impression

In any place of business, first impressions are everything when it comes to making clients feel that they’re working with the right company. This is especially true when it comes to medical patient interaction because patients essentially entrust their lives to your entire team of medical professionals. And for medical assistants, making a strong first impression is crucial, as you’ll often be the one welcoming patients to your facility and getting them started with their appointment.

Ensure your appearance is professional by practicing personal hygiene, avoiding strong perfumes or sprays, keeping your hair out of your face, covering tattoos, removing body piercings, and having short, clean nails. And since you’ll be working with patients from all walks of life, err on the safe side and keep your attire conservative. It is also wise to avoid wearing excessive jewelry or makeup.

Maintain a Professional Demeanor

Along the same lines, it is absolutely necessary to practice professionalism at all times. That means avoiding inappropriate conversations, being aware of cultural sensitivities, and always adhering to patient confidentiality laws. After all, the last thing you want to do is offend a patient or cause discomfort and lose their business. This would not only reflect poorly on you as the medical assistant, but your healthcare practice may suffer from a damaged reputation as well.

Practice Punctuality

There’s not much you can do if an emergency situation arises that pulls your team’s attention away from a patient who scheduled an appointment months or weeks in advance. But as a medical assistant, it’s up to you to be punctual with your patients and not keep them waiting. If the facility is busy and the patient’s visit is being delayed, you should check on them often and update them frequently on when the doctor will be in to see them.

Be Confident

From a patient’s perspective, there’s nothing worse than being treated by a medical assistant who clearly is not confident in what they are doing. Remember you have the necessary education, training, and skills to excel in this position – after all, you’ve successfully completed 150 hours of an externship, received a diploma, and landed full-time employment! That’s nothing to feel insecure about. Maintaining a positive attitude and exuding confidence while interacting with patients will go a long way in making your patients comfortable with you and with their decision to choose your facility.

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