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What Medical Assistants are Required to Do in Pediatric Centers

Pediatric Medical Assistant Checks Baby’s VitalsIf you’re looking for work in a growing field where you can make a difference in people’s lives, medical assistant training is a great choice. That’s especially true for anyone interested in working with kids, as pediatric medical assistants play a special role in any hospital or practice. Pediatric medical assistants are tasked with many of the same responsibilities as those who work with adult patients, as well as other important aspects of pediatric care. Here, Prism Career Institute takes a closer look at what medical assistants do in pediatric centers to help determine if this path is right for you.

Clinical Duties

As a medical assistant in a pediatric center, you will be one of the first people a child interacts with. Your demeanor, compassion, and skills can make the difference between a frightening, upsetting experience and one that is as pleasant as possible. After bringing the patient to the exam room, you will likely collect vital signs, such as blood pressure and temperature, and height and weight. Pediatric medical assistants usually discuss medical history and current symptoms with the child’s parent, although older children may be able to communicate this information as well.

If testing is required, a pediatric medical assistant can schedule or help administer it, as well as assist with physical exams. You can expect to provide aftercare instructions, which will require you to communicate complex medical information in a way the average person can understand. It’s important to include the child in any explanations of diagnosis and treatment in an age-appropriate way. Your goal is to explain the situation in a comforting manner that reduces anxiety and fear. Finally, you may be tasked with preparing exam rooms and sterilizing instruments. This can be especially important in pediatric centers, where children may reach for unfamiliar items during an exam.

Administrative Duties

In addition to clinical duties, many pediatric centers rely on medical assistants to provide administrative support. Pediatric medical assistants often answer incoming calls, schedule future appointments and testing, and confirm upcoming appointments. Additionally, medical assistants help maintain patient medical records and assist with insurance claims processing. You may also collect insurance details, verify information, and assist with claims processing.

These tasks often require you to interact with the patient’s parent or caregiver, but a caring outlook is just as important in these situations. Remember that caring for a sick child can be stressful, especially for new parents or when a serious injury or illness occurs. The patient’s parents will rely on you to communicate clearly, approach every interaction with patience, and demonstrate that you care about their child’s well-being. Simple actions, such as asking about a child’s hobbies or schoolwork or making them smile with a joke as they wait to see the doctor, communicate that every patient is important to you and the pediatric center as a whole.

Become a Pediatric Medical Assistant

Do you love working with children? Are you ready to join the growing healthcare field? If so, Prism Career Institute’s medical assistant programs in Cherry Hill and Egg Harbor Township, NJ offer the classroom and hands-on training needed to help you start a career as a pediatric medical assistant. To learn more, take our medical assistant readiness quiz or contact us today by calling 888-966-8146 for additional information.