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How Prism Career Institute Helps Veterans Train for New Careers and Future Employment

Veteran Meeting With School Counselor After returning home from a tour of duty, many veterans face challenges when readjusting to civilian life. One of these involves starting a new career. With so many schools to choose from in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, it can be difficult to find one that offers dedicated services to support veterans from their studies to finding full-time employment.

That’s why Prism Career Institute makes veteran retraining a priority at our campuses in Philadelphia, PA, Cherry Hill, NJ, and Egg Harbor Township, NJ. We proudly accommodate veterans in our Practical Nursing and Medical Assistant programs and offer financial aid and other helpful resources that set you up for career success. Here’s a closer look at the assistance we provide when helping veterans train for new occupations.

Starting on the Right Foot

Our Equal Opportunity Policy states that Prism Career Institute does not discriminate based on “status as a veteran in the administration of its educational policies, programs, activities, admissions policies, financial aid and loan programs, employment, or other school administered programs.”

We also help eliminate another barrier some veterans face when seeking retraining — financial aid. Prism Career Institute is approved for the training of veterans and eligible veterans’ dependents and meets the Veterans’ Educational Benefits as laid out by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Veterans in our Practical Nursing or Medical Assistant programs must follow these steps to secure and keep their aid:

  • 1. Students must apply for their Veterans’ Educational Benefits prior to admission and submit their application to the Prism Career Institute certifying official.
  • 2. Eligible students must maintain satisfactory academic progress and all applicable eligibility requirements to continue receiving this financial aid. These stipulations include:
    • A student must achieve a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average each semester.
    • A student must complete their program within the approved number of hours.

Additional information on this policy can be found in our Student Catalog.

Participating in Career Training

With their Veterans’ Educational Benefits, veterans have the chance to train for an exciting career in healthcare at Prism Career Institute. Our approved and accredited programs are taught by experienced instructors and equip students with the necessary skills to thrive as a medical assistant or licensed practical nurse (LPN). Here’s a closer look at each.

Medical Assistant Program in Cherry Hill and Egg Harbor Township

In our Medical Assistant program, students will learn how to ensure that healthcare facilities run smoothly, efficiently, and successfully by learning the responsibilities of this position and how to carry them out. Students also complete an externship before graduation to hone essential clinical skills.

Practical Nursing Program in Philadelphia, Cherry Hill, and Egg Harbor Township

Students in our Practical Nursing program receive a foundational education that prepares them for meeting all State Board of Nursing requirements and taking the NCLEX-PN exam. All graduates must pass this exam to become an LPN. Students must also complete an outside clinical training experience at a healthcare provider approved by our Career Services Department before graduation.

Training for the Future in PA and NJ

Upon completing your program of study at Prism Career Institute, you will be well-prepared to work in a variety of healthcare settings. Additionally, free tutoring is available throughout your time on campus, and our Career Services Department is available to support graduates during their job search. To learn more about veteran retraining in Philadelphia, Cherry Hill, and Egg Harbor Township, contact us today.