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Externships Leading to Employment Opportunities

Extern Working With Doctors In general, externships expose students to the everyday demands of their future profession and involve training in a real-world setting. Yet they are especially valuable in the healthcare industry, where procedures must be performed with the utmost accuracy to ensure patient well-being and satisfaction. At the same time, employers view externships as a valuable experience, meaning they can improve your odds of landing job interviews after graduation.

Before completing our Medical Assistant program at our Cherry Hill and Egg Harbor Township campuses in New Jersey, Prism Career Institute requires that all students complete an externship for these very reasons. Here, we take a closer look at how you can launch your career after an externship.

A Launchpad for Your Career

Our Medical Assistant students experience many benefits when they participate in externships. These externships take place in a wide range of healthcare settings, including clinics, hospitals, medical centers, labs, pediatric offices and other group practices, eldercare communities, and more. Throughout their externship, students can prepare for permanent employment by taking advantage of the following:

Networking with Healthcare Professionals

During your externship, you’ll not only be able to meet your future peers in the industry, but you’ll also be trained by an experienced professional, like a physician or office manager. Working closely with these individuals allows them to provide essential hands-on guidance. Just as importantly, you can learn how they achieved success in their careers. Along with their instruction and advice, the person overseeing your externship could consider you for future entry-level employment or provide a recommendation to a potential employer.

Critical Resume-Building Experience

In the competitive healthcare industry, it’s essential to build a resume of relevant experience that will help you stand out from a large pool of applicants after graduation. In addition to giving employers the skills and experience they’re looking for on your resume, you can also become qualified for next-level paid internships or other entry-level jobs in healthcare.

Getting a Taste of the Field

Immersing yourself in the field is often the best way to fully understand your career goals. In some cases, students may imagine themselves working in a specific healthcare environment, such as a pediatrics practice. An externship lets you try out specific work environments to see which are best suited to your skills, interests, and long-term goals. You’ll understand what a day in the life of a medical assistant is really like when reporting for duty in different kinds of facilities. This could confirm your future plans or help you discover a brand-new passion.

Developing New Skills

While our classroom curriculum is comprehensive, working in the field can teach you skills that only a real-life environment can show you. Things like practicing your communication with coworkers, multitasking, and serving patients with empathy are just a few of the skills you’ll be able to perfect during an externship. Plus, these experiences give you the chance to put the skills and knowledge you’ve gained in the classroom to the test. It’s a great way to explore new tasks while still getting the guidance you need as a growing professional.

Your Externship Opportunity Awaits

The sooner you enroll in our Medical Assistant program, the sooner you can gain externship experience and begin defining your resume with success. Wherever you’re placed by our Career Services Department, you can rest assured that your externship will immerse you in an established healthcare facility or clinic and allow you to hone essential skills. For more information, contact Prism Career Institute today.