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Prism Career Institute prepares students with the knowledge, skills and training needed for a successful medical career

See what students and graduates have to say about their experience at Prism Career Institute…

I started classes at Prism Career Institute(Philadelphia Campus) for the Practical Nursing Diploma program on 4/2015. I was terrified, I had been out of school for over 20 years and felt I would not be able to keep up with the demand. I was enrolled by Matt, an enthusiastic enrollment specialist who ensured me that I could do it. Despite all the negativity I’ve heard about Prism, I have always been the type of individual who believes you get out what you put in. There were times I wanted to give up and quit but I kept on chucking. I had the BEST teachers and clinical instructors who cared about my success, making themselves readily available if I needed tutoring or just a listening ear. As of 8/2/16, I am a LPN and passed my NCLEX PN Boards on the first try!!!!! The best 15 months of my life. I highly recommend Prism to anyone who is looking to have a career and not just a job.

Kim R. Simon

I’m attending the EHT campus for the Medical Assistant Program. I absolutely loved this school and its instructors. The program was challenging but I was able to keep up and pass every class with an A. I felt that I received the education I needed to be a medical assistant out in the world. I got great experience during my externship. The school has even helped me to get my resume out to assist in getting a job. I couldn’t have been happier with my experience.

Melissa Allen

After working as a Medical Technician for the past ten years I decided to enroll in Prism LPN program. It was hard in the beginning because I’ve been out of school for a long time. I worked full-time while attending school three nights a week and every Saturday. I did very well in the program with self-motivation, determination along with the help of my Instructors, I graduated in March 26, 2016 and passed my NCLEX April 15,  2016 on the first attempt. For me Prism Career Institute was a good choice. The school did a good job preparing me for the field and my Clinical experience gave me the confidence I needed to succeed.

Nyeema Melton

I am a wife and mother of three children. I worked for a major weight loss company for about 8 years and came home every day feeling unfulfilled. I decided to begin my career in nursing and I enrolled into Prism Career Institute. I can say that was one of the best decisions I made! The Instructors in both the Classroom and Clinical setting proved to be a valuable resource in this industry. I graduated 2nd in my class and passed The State Boards, because of the tremendous amount of support I received from my Instructors. I feel that Prism gave me the skills that I needed to go out and be a successful entry level nurse. Career Services at Prism is the best! After passing boards Marlene worked with me at my pace to help me find a job that was right for me. I know have two jobs in a rewarding field with endless opportunities for growth. Prism is more than a learning institution, it is like a family. I would recommend Prism to anyone who has a desire to become a nurse.

Joani Nash

I am a single parent of 4 teenagers and I felt like it was time to go back to school for what I always wanted to be. I wasn’t prepared to enter into an RN program but I found Prism. Prism gave me the foundation and knowledge I needed to begin my career. In passing the NCLEX the first attempt, I can say that I am satisfied with all that Prism has helped me to achieve.

Jessica Duncan