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Prism Career Institute prepares students with the knowledge, skills and training needed for a successful medical career

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After working as a Medical Technician for the past ten years I decided to enroll in Prism LPN program. It was hard in the beginning because I’ve been out of school for a long time. I worked full-time while attending school three nights a week and every Saturday. I did very well in the program with self-motivation, determination along with the help of my Instructors, I graduated in March 26, 2016 and passed my NCLEX April 15,  2016 on the first attempt. For me Prism Career Institute was a good choice. The school did a good job preparing me for the field and my Clinical experience gave me the confidence I needed to succeed.

Nyeema Melton

I was a CNA for 10 years when I decided to return to school. Prism Career institute was conveniently located near my house and the school gave me the confidence I needed. The work got progressively harder as I went through the terms but thanks to Instructors like Ms. Hayes and Mr. Michael, I got the help I needed to succeed. Additionally, I built meaningful relationships with other students and we formed great study groups. I have recommended Prism to my coworkers and some are currently enrolled in the program. I hope that this review helps someone else with their decision to attend Prism.


As a single mother I was scared to make the decision to attend the school but after talking with the Admissions person and passing the entrance exam on the first attempt, I gained the confidence I needed to feel like I would do well in the program. I will say that the program was not easy but Instructors like Ms. H. and Mr. M. really pushed me and motivated me to do my best. Additionally, the small classes really helped me get the attention I needed to do well in the program. Today, I have completed the program and I am preparing for the NCLEX exam. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who is serious about becoming an LPN. Prism made a big difference in my life and they probably can in yours too.


I am a single mother who worked in retail for 15 years prior to attending school, so I was scared about making a change into the medical field. However, after passing the entrance exam on the first attempt, I knew then that I had what it takes to be success at Prism. The first and second terms were hard and some days a little overwhelming but thanks to the help of Instructors like Ms. Lydia and Ms. Karen Jacobs, I did well. The majority of the Instructors at Prism have a sincere desire to see you succeed but it is an adult program, and you have to put the work in. The Virtual AtI program really prepared me for the NXCLEX exam and I passed on my very first attempt. For me, the decision to attend Prism was the right one. Now I’m an LPN!

Jessica Nichols

My experience with Prism was good. The work got harder each term but the Instructors were very helpful and genuinely cared about my success. I was the kind of student that asked a lot questions and the Instructors were always willing to assist me. The Clinical experience was meaningful because I pushed myself and gained as much as possible, while on the sites. However, this is an adult program and you will have to work hard and apply yourself to be successful.

Tylydia Delifus

I think that PRISM CAREER INSTITUTE is a good stepping stone. I always wanted to be an RN but I couldn’t take off from work to do it, so Prism’s LPN program was a great alternative. I have been working as a CNA at a local hospital since 2008 and my coworkers convinced me to go back to school. I found Prism, took the entrance exam and passed it on the first attempt. I was so happy! Overall, I am very pleased with the Instructors and program at Prism. They genuinely cared about my success and in the last term, Ms. R constantly drilled us with NCLEX review questions. As a result, I passed the NCLEX on my first attempt. Hooray to me!!!! I would like to encourage anyone who is a CNA to attend this program, especially if you are a CNA in a hospital, as your clinical will be easier since you work in a hospital. I hope that this helps someone move forward with their career and school choice.

Conneila Garris

I am a wife and mother of three children. I worked for a major weight loss company for about 8 years and came home every day feeling unfulfilled. I decided to begin my career in nursing and I enrolled into Prism Career Institute. I can say that was one of the best decisions I made! The Instructors in both the Classroom and Clinical setting proved to be a valuable resource in this industry. I graduated 2nd in my class and passed The State Boards, because of the tremendous amount of support I received from my Instructors. I feel that Prism gave me the skills that I needed to go out and be a successful entry level nurse. Career Services at Prism is the best! After passing boards Marlene worked with me at my pace to help me find a job that was right for me. I know have two jobs in a rewarding field with endless opportunities for growth. Prism is more than a learning institution, it is like a family. I would recommend Prism to anyone who has a desire to become a nurse.

Joani Nash

The decision to attend Prism Career Institute was a good one for me. The first term was a bit challenging, as I had learn to balance my school and home responsibilities. However, the Instructors were really great. They made themselves available when I needed them, and they really pushed me to be the best I could be. I also had a great clinical experience. Prism exposed me to different types of clinics that really enhanced my confidence. The ATi predictor was of tremendous help and I passed my NCLEX-PN on the very first attempt. Thanks Prism!

Sierra Johnson

I am a single parent of 4 teenagers and I felt like it was time to go back to school for what I always wanted to be. I wasn’t prepared to enter into an RN program but I found Prism. Prism gave me the foundation and knowledge I needed to begin my career. In passing the NCLEX the first attempt, I can say that I am satisfied with all that Prism has helped me to achieve.

Jessica Duncan

Prism Career Institute is an awesome school. Of course, everything doesn’t always come easy but it is well worth the hard work. I would highly recommend Prism to anyone who is looking for a CNA or LPN nursing program. I’m thankful to Prism, as I actually learned everything that I needed to in order to pass my NCLEX-PN on the first attempt. Thanks Prism! Coming from a different nursing program that didn’t completely prepare me, or even try to go above and beyond to see what was challenging to me. Prism accomplished that. I’ve met some wonderful staff members here who assisted me when everything seems unmanageable. Special thanks to individuals Mrs. S., Ms. Marlene, Mrs. R., Ms. L., Mrs. S. and also our New DON Mrs. B. for understanding and helping with tutoring sessions and guidance counseling. Thanks everyone. Now I am a LPN!

Akeia Marajah