Tips for Taking Patient History

As a medical assistant, one of your primary responsibilities involves taking medical patient history. When you graduate from the Prism Career Institute and prepare to begin working at a hospital or clinic, it’s important to follow best practices. Oftentimes, you’re one of the first people to interact with the patient, so you want to make

Age Spectrum: Compare and Contrast Pediatrics and Elder Care Medical Assisting

Medical assistants encounter patients of all ages, from one week to 100 year olds. In some ways, pediatric and geriatric patients are very different. But in other ways, they’re very similar. It helps to understand what your experience might be like across the age spectrum, so that you can seek out jobs catered to your

Benefits of Taking a Medical Assistant Externship

Most medical assistants currently working in the field started in the same place – a reputable program. But not every student has the benefit of a medical externship. As an extern, you’ll use classroom learning to assist you in developing real-world skills that will help prepare you for employment after graduation. Here’s a look at

Breaking Down the Duties of a Medical Assistant

When preparing for a rewarding career as a medical assistant, you must be ready to handle a variety of responsibilities in the fast-paced world of healthcare. Between clerical and administrative tasks, you will play a key role in the smooth and efficient operation of the hospital, doctor’s office or other medical facility you work in.

Pediatric Medical Assistants: a Growing Trend

Your medical assistant degree from Prism Career Institute is only the beginning of a promising career in the field, and it can take you into many different areas of specialty. One area on the rise is pediatrics, which in recent years has been hiring more and more medical assistants to work with children of all

Top 5 Career Tracks for a Medical Assistant

The career paths for medical assistants are plentiful, and while some opportunities for advancement require a higher education degree, some don’t call for a degree at all. Here, Prism Career Institute outlines the potential career tracks available for medical assistants that can be obtained with clinical training at a career training school. 1.Administrative Medical Assistant

Always Changing: Keeping Ahead of the Medical Assistant Field

Medical assisting is a rewarding field. Every day, you get to make a positive impact on the lives of others just by doing what you love. Like other industries, the medical assistant field is always changing, and it can be hard to keep up with all the technological and methodological advancements being made. Fortunately, there