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What Is a Clinical Medical Assistant?

You may have heard about the rising demand for medical assistants. But did you know that medical assistants specialize? Some medical assistants concentrate their knowledge and skills within specific medical fields, such as pediatrics or ophthalmology. Some medical assistants work administratively, utilizing office equipment to help organize patients and staff. Clinical medical assistants work directly

What Are the Prerequisites for Prism Career Institute’s Medical Assistant Program?

Before you fill out an application to enroll in a medical assistant program, make sure you meet the school’s requirements for acceptance. These vary by school and are set up to ensure that classmates are all starting around the same level of preparation and aptitude. Once you meet these prerequisites, apply for admission, and are

Medical Assistants Aren’t Likely to be Replaced by Robots

None of us can foretell the future with any accuracy, but we all know there is a trend to automate tasks. Robots are used in manufacturing, agriculture, scientific research, and the military. Healthcare is another arena where robots are being developed. But can they replace medical assistant jobs? We don’t think so. Prism Career Institute,

How Medical Assistants Build Patient Trust

One of the most important elements of any interaction with a patient is an empathic recognition that they are an individual person. This acknowledgment usually starts the process of developing trust with each patient. Medical assistants can forge bonds of trust that help improve the health of patients and enhance the overall care provided at

The Nursing Shortage Means Job Opportunities

You may have seen news reports about a nursing shortage in the U.S. However, there’s a silver lining to this trend for people who are interested in starting a career in nursing. Shortages in this essential labor force may create more and better opportunities for graduates of practical nursing programs, such as the one offered

Why Medical Assistant Responsibilities Are Growing

Job openings for trained medical assistants are growing, as are the responsibilities carried out by these important healthcare professionals. With the detailed classroom foundation and hands-on experience gained in the medical assistant program at Prism Career Institute, graduates can become ready to become key players in modern healthcare teams. Prism Career Institute serves students at

The Outlook for Phlebotomy Jobs

If you like working one-on-one with people, prefer hands-on tasks, and enjoy learning about medical science, consider working in phlebotomy. The healthcare professional who draws blood from patients is called a phlebotomist. They are in demand throughout the ever-growing U.S. healthcare sector, in hospitals, medical laboratories, urgent care clinics, and research programs. Those interested in

How Long Does It Take to Become a Medical Assistant?

Becoming a medical assistant can be the beginning of a long and satisfying career. In high demand throughout the healthcare sector, graduates of medical assistant programs can work in a variety of health specialties and settings. The length of time spent in a training program often depends on the student’s choice of schedule. Prism Career

Interested in a Medical Coding Career?

Medical assistants play a vital role in healthcare environments, providing doctors and nurses with the clinical and clerical support they need to offer excellent patient care. They work in all kinds of medical settings, such as clinics, hospitals, family practices, laboratory testing centers, and urgent care facilities. Some medical assistants choose to focus on the

Nurses Need to Care for Themselves, Too

As a licensed practical nurse (LPN), you have a wide range of responsibilities each day. With the fast pace and high demands of a medical environment, it can be easy to forget to take time for yourself. But prioritizing self-care and managing stress are important for medical professionals. Prism Career Institute trains practical nurses at

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