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Meet Regina L. Johnson, Medical Assisting Program Manager

Prism Career Institute isn’t just a great place to go to school – it’s also a fulfilling place to work. Hear from Regina L. Johnson, RMA, NRCPT, CPI, CMAC, the Medical Assisting Program, to learn more about her rewarding role at Prism Career Institute, serving students in Philadelphia, PA, and Cherry Hill and Egg Harbor

Meet James Gordon, Medical Assistant Instructor

At Prism Career Institute, our goal is to guide our students on their journey to a rewarding career. We offer several career-focused training programs designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to find success right after graduation. Prism Career Institute, serving students in Philadelphia, PA, and Cherry Hill and Egg Harbor Township,

The Future of Electronic Medical Records and What Medical Assistants Need to Know

Since the global COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry has seen great shifts. These changes have drastically impacted how medical professionals conduct business and provide care. While electronic medical records are not a new phenomenon, they have evolved significantly since the pandemic, and likely will continue doing so moving forward. So, what new trends can we

How to Become a Traveling Medical Assistant

While they often fly under the radar, medical assistants play a pivotal role in the quality of healthcare patients receive. This career offers a wide range of benefits, making it a highly sought-after position. One of those advantages is the opportunity to become a traveling medical assistant. Prism Career Institute provides outstanding career training at

When Choosing a Medical Assistant Program, Ask About Career Placement

Choosing the right medical assistant program is a crucial first step in pursuing a career in the field. The program should have all the features you want, whether that’s small class sizes, hands-on training, experienced instructors, or other factors. While students need to focus on the things they want within the program, it’s equally important

Medical Assistant Tips: Time Management Is a Crucial Skill

Time management is an essential skill in a variety of industries, most notably healthcare. Because healthcare is demanding and often requires employees to attend to tasks immediately, medical professionals need to manage their time wisely to ensure they provide the best quality of care for every patient and avoid costly mistakes. Medical assistants understand the

Medical Assistant Trends: Encounter Specialists

An exciting aspect of working in the healthcare sector is anticipating and adapting to new trends in medical practice and patient care. During the COVID-19 pandemic, with a shortage of medical practitioners and so many patients experiencing illness across the United States, new patterns and workflows for patient care were developed. With on-the-job training as

How Medical Billing and Coding is Changing

Medical coding is a fascinating field that impacts all of healthcare in the United States and around the globe. Using standardized classification codes, medical and administrative personnel can describe medical conditions, treatments, outcomes, and billing procedures. Because current healthcare practices are always incorporating new conditions and information, medical coding and billing classes at Prism Career

Leaving the Military Is a Challenge: Prism Career Center Can Help

We understand that transitioning away from military service brings challenges. Returning to civilian life can be disorienting and adjustments must be made to new social norms, family schedules, dress codes, exercise routines, living spaces, and recreation. However, when it comes to finding a new career, Prism Career Institute is actively committed to jobs for veterans,

Why Do Phlebotomists Love Their Jobs?

There are many reasons phlebotomists love their jobs. This career choice is always in demand and provides a stable income. There is also job satisfaction because phlebotomists provide crucial services for patients in several healthcare settings. At Prism Career Institute, students can complete our Medical Assistant program in about six months and gain the phlebotomy

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