Externships Leading to Employment Opportunities

In general, externships expose students to the everyday demands of their future profession and involve training in a real-world setting. Yet they are especially valuable in the healthcare industry, where procedures must be performed with the utmost accuracy to ensure patient well-being and satisfaction. At the same time, employers view externships as a valuable experience,

How Prism Career Institute Helps Veterans Train for New Careers and Future Employment

After returning home from a tour of duty, many veterans face challenges when readjusting to civilian life. One of these involves starting a new career. With so many schools to choose from in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, it can be difficult to find one that offers dedicated services to support veterans from their studies to

Mistakes to Avoid When Taking a Patient’s History

Taking a patient’s medical history is an important part of any clinical medical assistant’s job. You must take this process seriously to gather all the information doctors need to provide informed care. So how can you make sure patient history work is done properly? Here, the Prism Career Institute provides some helpful tips for those

A Basic Overview of Legal Oversights in the Medical Assistant Profession

Working in the medical field allows you to help patients heal injuries, avoid discomfort, and achieve better well-being. Whether you work in a hospital, clinic, family office, or medical laboratory, you’ll find there are many regulations to help ensure processes and procedures are done properly. Following these guidelines is particularly important for facilities that rely

Level-Headed, Steady-Handed: Vital Skills for Phlebotomy

Working in a medical environment presents many challenges, but offers the reward of knowing you’ve helped patients achieve better health. One of the most important duties you’ll carry out as a medical assistant is phlebotomy, or the drawing of blood. When the job is done right, the procedure goes smoothly and helps doctors evaluate patients

Challenges of Working With Children as a Pediatric Medical Assistant

While each job offers exciting and challenging moments, when you find a career that you love, you’ll find each day rewarding. That’s why the life of a medical assistant for children is one more and more people are signing up for. However, pediatric medical assistants also face unique challenges in their day-to-day work. Are you

Using Your Preferences to Decide Your Ideal Future as a Medical Assistant

Medical assistants add invaluable aid to healthcare teams in hospitals, urgent care centers, clinics, and plenty of other healthcare facilities. With so many medical assistant specialties to choose from, you could end up working with a cardiologist, an oncologist, a pediatrician, or other types of physicians. But how are you supposed to make the right

What a Medical Assistant May Be Expected to Do in an Emergency

If you’re currently in school or thinking of going to school for a medical profession, then you’ve likely imagined yourself in different patient scenarios. One of the most frightening prospects for any medical assistant is being faced with a medical emergency. You might’ve wondered what you’d do or how you’d handle an emergency, especially if

How Becoming a Medical Assistant Might Influence Your Day-to-Day Life

As you embark on your medical assistant journey, you might be wondering just how different your life will be once you start your job. With the days of classes and externships behind you, it can be both exciting and nerve-wracking to make that final leap into the medical field. To quell your nerves, Prism Career

What Goes On in a Medical Center?

If you have been researching a career as a medical assistant, you have probably read that medical centers are where you will be working. But what is a medical center and what will your daily responsibilities be working at one? The answer depends on the type of medical center you’ll be working at, as the