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3 Things to Remember Your First Day in a Medical Assistant Externship

Healthcare WorkersAt Prism Career Institute, we offer an in-depth medical assistant program that includes a 160-hour externship that’s designed to prepare students for a healthcare career. An externship is an integral part of any medical assistant training program as it gives you real-world experience in the field. This is an exciting time and one where you can hone your current skills and learn even more along the way. Here, we describe three things to remember on the first day of your medical assistant externship.

1. Keep Your Role in Mind and Listen to Your Mentor

Whether your externship takes place in pediatrics or urgent care, you may be assigned to shadow a full-time staff member. Shadowing is one of the most effective ways to learn about the professional job environment as well as your future career. You may also be assigned a specific role within the facility that you’re expected to fulfill. You must remember you’re an active part of the department, so you should try to strike a balance between completing your duties and spending time with your mentor.

The externship is a fantastic opportunity to ask some of the more pressing questions you may have, as you have direct access to professionals that work daily in your desired field. You can speak with the person you’re shadowing to find answers to general questions and those specific to your role.

2. Always Dress Professionally

As a medical professional, keep in mind the specific expectations of what you should be wearing on the job. Medical assistants and technicians are typically advised to follow a dress code. This guidance may include the following:

  • Wearing scrubs
  • Pulling back long hair
  • Maintaining well-groomed facial hair
  • Removing jewelry

Scrubs not only give patients peace of mind in easily identifying healthcare workers, but they’re also sanitary clothing meant specifically for the job. What’s more, a clean, well-kept look is an important part of a professional environment.

Your Primary Objective is Patient Care

While the externship plays a vital role in your education, you must remember that, above all else, you’re there to serve patients. It’s easy to get pulled into the allure of a new experience, especially if you aspire to work in the facility in a professional, full-time capacity in the future. Regardless, you need to ensure that patient care and safety are top priorities.

Patient care and safety can mean several things, whether it be filling out files, performing diagnostic tests, or cleaning up after procedures. If you have even the slightest doubt or hesitation, ask the person you’re shadowing for advice or assistance. If you treat your externship like a real job, the benefits will be much more rewarding and provide you with an invaluable training experience.

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At Prism Career Institute, our medical assistant program equips our students with the skills and knowledge they need to embark on a career in healthcare. To learn more about our Medical Assistant program in and Cherry Hill and Egg Harbor Township, NJ, contact us today.