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High-Demand Areas for PNs

Medical team standing outside hospital

One of the great benefits of becoming a Practical Nurse, or PN, is the wide variety of job options available. The PN career field is a fast-growing one with incredibly high demand, as all kinds of facilities require and benefit from the support of skilled PNs. Whether you’re just starting your career or desire a change of pace, Prism Career Institute examines a few high-demand PN fields to consider so you can seek success.

Physician Offices

Many licensed nurses work closely with a physician in a clinic, private or public office, emergency medical center, or ambulance center. Here, the PNs on staff support the physicians and ensure patients receive the highest quality of care. A PN in this setting can expect to perform duties like:

  • Administer injections and medications
  • Dress incisions and wounds
  • Assist with minor surgeries
  • Handle medical records and other administrative tasks
  • Communicate with clients about their conditions and treatments

Private Hospitals

In addition to physician offices, many hospitals also hire PNs. You can look for work in private medical or surgical hospitals, emergency wards, maternity departments, and surgery facilities. Places like this will expect similar duties, from assisting during procedures and discussing concerns with patients to monitoring their status before and after the procedure. Depending on the size of the hospital, you might also supervise aides and other nurses.

Nursing Care Facilities

Nursing homes, retirement homes, and assisted living facilities rely on skilled PNs to deliver a high level of care. The PNs who work in care facilities perform a range of duties, including both basic nursing and more intensive care. These PNs should possess knowledge of ailments that affect older patients and be prepared to perform tasks such as:

  • Assisting patients with basic hygiene
  • Monitoring and recording patient status
  • Providing companionship
  • Helping with daily life activities and mobility

Mental Health and Chronic Care Facilities

Many PNs also work in care facilities for chronic conditions, mental illnesses, and rehabilitation. The work is similar in nature to a retirement or nursing home, but PNs may also be expected to develop treatment plans, keep patients and their rooms safe and clean, conduct health assessments, and encourage improved mental health with positive interactions. Plus, with how fast this PN field is growing, it’s a great opportunity for someone looking for a career with security and advancement.

In-Home Healthcare

Lastly, there are a variety of rewarding careers available with home-health agencies, clinic outpatient departments, and others that provide in-home healthcare to patients. Common duties include:

  • Assisting with personal hygiene
  • Conversing with patients to encourage good mental health
  • Teaching basic care to loved ones
  • Conducting daily outings with patients for stimulation and exercise

Home healthcare is a rapidly growing field that demands a high level of compassion and social ability. It’s an ideal option for PNs who are great with people and can work gently with both patients and their loved ones.

How to Become a PN

If you’re interested in pursuing an PN career, start your training with Prism Career Institute. Our Practical Nursing program is available at our campuses in Egg Harbor Township and Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Learn more aboutwhy you should choose Prism Career Institute or call our Admissions Department today at 888-966-8146 to get started.