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Medical Assistant Training Program In New Jersey

A medical assistant comforting a patient
Medical Assistant program students have the opportunity to get hands-on work experience in real clinics & healthcare settings

Medical assistants play a vital role in ensuring the smooth, efficient, and successful operation of healthcare facilities around the world. Offering versatile skills, these medical professionals are found in nearly every healthcare specialty, often taking part in essential clinical and administrative tasks. To embark on the path toward a rewarding and exciting career in a field that’s growing by the day, apply for the medical assistant diploma program at Prism Career Institute today.

Medical Assistant Diploma Program Offered At: Cherry Hill, NJ & Egg Harbor Township, NJ Campuses

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Where Can a Medical Assistant Work?

Enrolling in a medical assistant program is an excellent way for blossoming professionals to position themselves for success in the healthcare industry. Medical assistant positions are expected to grow rapidly over the next several years, and wherever you choose to work, you can expect nothing less than an immersive, challenging career offering ample opportunity for growth.

Medical assistant positions can typically be found at any type of healthcare facility, including:

  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Medical centers
  • Labs
  • Pediatric offices
  • Medical group practices
  • OB/GYN and family medicine offices
  • Eldercare communities

What Does a Medical Assistant Do?

Though your duties may vary depending on your employer, role, work environment, and several other factors, most modern medical assistants are tasked with a variety of responsibilities. These often involve patient care – medical assistants routinely assist with patient exams and take vital signs, while many offer phlebotomy skills, including collecting and preparing laboratory specimens for testing. Other clinical duties may range from providing patient education and care instructions to assisting with electrocardiogram (EKG) tests.

In addition to these clinical duties, most medical assistants perform a diverse selection of administrative functions, too. You’ll likely be responsible for maintaining patient medical records, filling out insurance forms, and helping process claims. Medical assistants are often responsible for answering phones and scheduling appointments, as well.

When it comes time to enter the job market, you’ll typically discover a wide variety of specialized opportunities that make it simple to select a position that plays to your unique preferences. Administrative medical assistant positions are ideal for the highly organized graduate seeking a comfortable office environment, while clinical positions may appeal more to those who prefer an unpredictable workday that involves direct patient care.

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I'm attending the EHT campus for the Medical Assistant Program. I absolutely loved this school and its instructors. The program was challenging but I was able to keep up and pass every class with an A. I felt that I received the education I needed to be a medical assistant out in the world. I got great experience during my externship. The school has even helped me to get my resume out to assist in getting a job. I couldn't have been happier with my experience.
Melissa Allen

Prism Career Institute’s Medical Assistant Program

At Prism Career Institute, we elevate our educational offerings over other medical assistant training programs by providing highly specialized, career-focused training developed precisely for students aiming to enter the healthcare field. Our programs offer convenient day classes, allowing you to further your education without placing your everyday responsibilities on the backburner.

The Prism Career Institute medical assistant program, available at our Egg Harbor and Cherry Hill, New Jersey locations, is designed to provide both foundational healthcare education and hands-on experience. You’ll receive accurate, personalized instruction from seasoned professionals committed to helping you succeed.

While not offered as a standalone program, all students will also gain extensive experience and training in phlebotomy as part of their studies. Coursework includes practice in blood draws on arms and hands to help course participants prepare to safely and compassionately perform blood collection on patients. As their skills increase, students will eventually work with live volunteers, including classmates, friends, family members. Each student is required to complete at least 35 sticks, but many aim for a goal of 100 to achieve greater competence and confidence, especially those who seek employment in a phlebotomy position.

Note: Practice with live subjects has been suspended in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This element of study will return when it is safe for students to work with volunteers in face-to-face practice and may be modified to accommodate current students’ needs.

You’ll also be required to participate in an externship, which offers a valuable opportunity to immerse yourself in a professional work environment and develop real-world skills under the guidance of a healthcare expert.

Not sure if career training is right for you? Take our free quiz to find out. Then, apply online, or contact an admissions representative by phone at 888-966-8146 today.