Prism Career Institute is an awesome school. Of course, everything doesn’t always come easy but it is well worth the hard work. I would highly recommend Prism to anyone who is looking for a CNA or LPN nursing program. I’m thankful to Prism, as I actually learned everything that I needed to in order to pass my NCLEX-PN on the first attempt. Thanks Prism! Coming from a different nursing program that didn’t completely prepare me, or even try to go above and beyond to see what was challenging to me. Prism accomplished that. I’ve met some wonderful staff members here who assisted me when everything seems unmanageable. Special thanks to individuals Mrs. S., Ms. Marlene, Mrs. R., Ms. L., Mrs. S. and also our New DON Mrs. B. for understanding and helping with tutoring sessions and guidance counseling. Thanks everyone. Now I am a LPN!

Akeia Marajah

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