I think that PRISM CAREER INSTITUTE is a good stepping stone. I always wanted to be an RN but I couldn’t take off from work to do it, so Prism’s LPN program was a great alternative. I have been working as a CNA at a local hospital since 2008 and my coworkers convinced me to go back to school. I found Prism, took the entrance exam and passed it on the first attempt. I was so happy! Overall, I am very pleased with the Instructors and program at Prism. They genuinely cared about my success and in the last term, Ms. R constantly drilled us with NCLEX review questions. As a result, I passed the NCLEX on my first attempt. Hooray to me!!!! I would like to encourage anyone who is a CNA to attend this program, especially if you are a CNA in a hospital, as your clinical will be easier since you work in a hospital. I hope that this helps someone move forward with their career and school choice.

Conneila Garris

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