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Remote Learning At Our Philadelphia, PA, Cherry Hill & Egg Harbor Township, NJ Campuses

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Though the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we approach most activities, it shouldn’t prevent you from pursuing your career goals. As of April 2020, Prism Career Institute has temporarily shifted to partial remote learning so our practical nursing program and medical assistant program students can continue their education. All three of our campuses in Cherry Hill and Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have adapted some portions of classes to a remote format. As the demand for trained medical professionals continues to rise, students can still prepare for a fulfilling career even during the pandemic.

Adjusting Classes for Remote Learning

Portions of our courses may be taught remotely, but they follow the same start dates and schedules established before social distancing measures were put in place. The material is also identical to in-person coursework. It’s the same high-quality education our students expect and have always received.

The remote portions are taught through Zoom videoconferencing, which allows instructors to communicate with students, answer questions, and facilitate discussions in real-time. They may also share PowerPoint presentations and other visual resources to assist learning – just as they would in a classroom. Class sessions are recorded and posted to the learning management system so students can review material or watch lectures they missed.

Most tests and homework assignments is also being offered remotely. Students are provided with links or downloadable documents to complete outside of class or under the watch of a remote proctor. Completed assignments and exams are then returned to the instructor for grading.

Assignments and Class Resources

Prism Career Institute’s move to remote learning was made possible through the ThinkWave learning management system. This platform allows instructors to keep their students up to date on assignments, class scheduling, and other important information. It offers a range of convenient features, including:

  • Download links for homework assignments
  • Electronic assignment submissions
  • Recordings of class periods for review
  • 24/7 access to syllabi and course grades
  • Communication between students and instructors

ThinkWave has also been serving as an uploaded database for class resources. All faculty members complete PowerPoint documents so students can study at their own pace and review information as often as necessary. Some PowerPoint presentations may contain extra notes or voiceovers to further explain the material. Instructors may add additional resources as well to offer whatever they think will be most useful for student learning.

On-Campus Learning

Of course, laboratory requirements and clinicals require in-person oversight and advanced equipment not available at home. These students can still visit campus twice a week to complete the hands-on portions of their education, at least until clinical sites start accepting students again. In some cases, examinations are offered on-campus so test proctors can ensure integrity and accurate results.

Whenever students need to be on campus, they can expect a complete commitment to their health and safety. We’ve implemented guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for this purpose, including:

  • Disposable or cloth face coverings worn properly while on campus
  • Proper handwashing hygiene
  • Adequate supplies for cleaning and personal hygiene
  • Signage posted on campus to encourage best practices
  • Regularly scheduled cleaning and disinfection
  • Avoidance of shared objects
  • Socially distanced classroom and lab layouts
  • Limited use of communal spaces
  • Physical barriers as appropriate

Additionally, students and faculty have been asked to minimize outings outside of class attendance and self-quarantine if exposed to COVID-19. For more information on specific procedures and policies, please visit our COVID-19 resources and campus reopening safety plans for the Medical Assistant and Practical Nursing programs at our New Jersey campuses.

Continue Your Education with Remote Learning

Don’t let the pandemic get between you and your career goals. Enroll in remote learning at Prism Career Institute today. We offer career-focused training programs in practical nursing and medical assistant training in Cherry Hill and Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, as well as in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Enrollment information is available online through our Office of Admissions. For more, call 888-966-8146 today.